Obedience Training

Obedience training opens up a line of communication between human and canine using a common language that both are familiar, in order to execute certain actions.
Such canine education depends very much on the dog handlers, who need to ensure consistency, fairness and trust while interacting with their canines.
Thus, building upon a lasting human-canine relationship which is based on mutual trust and respect.

Behavior Modification

Intended to assist dogs and their owners with effective dog-owner communication, socialization and behavior modification.


To teach your dog special skills to perform desired tasks on commands.

A good start to acquaint your dog with retrieval skills to build a strong human-canine relationship.

Puppy Development

Early socialization training or preschool helps to domesticate your puppy in your environment and is foundational for successful obedience training and a life time of effective human-canine relationship

Our Mission

We strive to be cost competitive in providing joyous experience for canine training services and to serve our customers and canines with joy, sincerity and professionalism so that our customers will build on a joyous and long lasting human-canine relationships.